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Inan Makina on maailman johtava valmistaja tarjoten laajan valikoiman laadukkaita hydraulisia lisälaitteita, joita OP jasto OY toimittaa.

MTB Large size Hydraulic Breakers

MTB 215 – MTB 700
Working Weight 2200–7000 kg

InanMakina MTB Large size

There are 6 types of MTB models which are designed with 2200 too 7000 kg weight for 25–100 ton class excavator. Large Size MTBs have high impact power and performance for high breaking volume in short time term.

MTB255 large working3


MTB Medium size Hydraulic Breakers

MTB 65 – MTB 175
Working Weight 750–1880 kg

InanMakina MTB Medium size

There are 5 sorts of MTB models with 750 to 1880 kg weight for 7–29 ton class excavator. Medium size MTB breakers are used for trenching, ditching, excavation, demolition, tunnel construction, underwater application etc.

MTB95 medium working


MTB Small Size Breakers

MTB 9 – MTB 45
Working Weight 80–480 kgMTB Small Size Breakers

There are 28 sort of small MTB models suitable for 1-10 ton class skid-steer-loader, mini-excavator and backhoe-oader. Two different designs: Gas-type and Hydraulic-type.

MTB Small Size Breakers working


MTB C-Type Breakers

MTB C-Type 215Type 700
Working Weight 2320–7200 kg

MTB C Type Breakers

There are 10 sorts of MTB-C Type Hydraulic Breaker. The impact energy is generated by hydraulic pressure and nitrogen gas pressure together at the top of the piston.

MTB C Type Breakers Workning


GA Gas Type Breakers

GA 100GA 400
Working Weight 900–2600 kg

GA Gas Type Breakers

GA Gas Type Hydraulic Breaker has a special design for marble and heavy duty mine application, there are designed 6 sorts of MTB models with 2200 to 7000 kg weight for 25-100 ton class excavator.

GA Gas Type Breakers WORK


Hydraulic Cutters and Pulvarizers


Hydraulic Cutters Pulvarizers

Wide range of demolition tools: Crusher-CRS for cutting concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Demolition Crusher-DCR is a combination of crusher and pulverizer. Behind the jaws, there are steel blades to cut iron bars inside the concrete. Shear - SHR is available to cut rebar, iron blocks of steel structures quiet, fast and safe. Pulverizer - PLV Ideal for secondary concrete demolition, where the steel is separated from the concrete and the concrete debris is recycled directly.

Hydraulic Cutters Pulvarizers work


MTB demolition/sorting grapple (GRP Series)

GPR 75 – GPR 2500
Working Weight 120–2150 kg

Hydraulic Grapple

MTB Hydraulic Grapples are applicable for recycling purpose in building and demolishing. Demolition, sorting, loading, sifting, handling & loading the material etc. GRP series comes in 8 sizes from 120–2150 kg.

Hydraulic Grapple working


MTB Hydraulic Compactor (CMP Series)

CMP 16 – CMP 120
Working Weight 240–1020 kgHydraulic Compactors

CMP Compactors are mounted on mini excavators, backhoe-loaders, excavators and similar main machines with hydraulic power unit. Used for compaction of soil, granular materials, piles, driving of post and steel sheeting timber.

Hydraulic Compactors work 


MTB Hydraulic Auger (AGR Series)

AGR 3 – AGR 25
Working Weight 90–312 kgHydraulic Augers

For use on skid loaders, tractors, mini excavators, backhoe-loaders truck cranes etc. AGR auger driver are an economical, robust solution for drilling holes for fence posts, poles, foundations and landscaping.

Hydraulic Augers Work 


MTB Hydraulic Drifter (DRF Series)

DRF 3 – DRF 4
Working Weight 210–214 kgHydraulic Drifters

DRF hydraulic drifter is composed of a flushing part, a rotation device and a hammering device. Used for; drilling hole for explosion preparations at the mines, mounting steel construction on the wall of tunnel constructions.

Hydraulic Drifters work